We take care of everything

We launch your Sharing System, App, collections and Backoffice in the cloud.
And if they steal you, you’ll know where it is and we’ll take care of it.

100% of your operational fleet

We install your Sharing System entirety

Finally, safe from theft and vandalism

Stolen Object Recovery Experts

1. We received notice of missing scooter

2. We activate a device to locate the stolen vehicle

3. We coordinate the rescue of the vehicle with the Police

4. We deliver the scooter to your facility

Choose the vehicle you want to share

We take care of the Sharing System

We customize the App with your logos, corporate colors, online license verification, view available vehicles, book through the app, pay online, request direct support, …

Robbery and vandalism.

The two big problems of sharing

With CENTINELA both problems are solved.

You will not lose more vehicles

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